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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Conservative Vic Toews: ally or poison apple?

Justice critic blasts parole for murderer

'This guy had not demonstrated in any way that he was fit to be released,' Tory MP says

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

VANCOUVER -- Federal Conservative justice critic Vic Toews called for changes to Canada's parole system yesterday after a convicted murderer out on day parole was charged with the beating death of a 75-year-old man during a home invasion.

"The record clearly shows that this guy had not demonstrated in any way that he was fit to be released," Mr. Toews said.

He was referring to the case of Eric Norman Fish, 42, charged yesterday with first-degree murder in the slaying of Bill Abramenko of Vernon, B.C.

Mr. Fish had a long record of prison misbehaviour and parole violations when he was allowed to stay at a halfway house in Vernon last April, including a prior conviction for second-degree murder during a 1984 home invasion.

"This to me demonstrates simply a desire to get the person back out on the street," Mr. Toews said, "without a real consideration of whether parole has been earned."

He said that the criteria for parole need to be changed to put the onus on individuals actually earning their parole.

"It shouldn't simply be a matter of serving time. It should be a matter of a demonstrable effort toward being rehabilitated," Mr. Toews said. "We've got to reformulate the [parole] test to clarify this."

The parole board decision approving limited day parole for Mr. Fish, despite two recent parole violations for using cocaine, noted that the inmate had completed "numerous programs" in jail and gained "some insight into the dynamics of [his] offending."

The board gave Mr. Fish credit for immediately re-involving himself in relapse-prevention programs after his most recent cocaine lapse.

Mr. Toews questioned the importance of such factors. "What weight has been put on these things to come to the conclusion that there's no undue risk to the community?

"He's taken certain steps but I don't think anyone would have said that he's earned it [day parole] with his kind of record."

At the time of the break-in and beating death of Mr. Abramenko, Mr. Fish had been missing from his halfway facility, known as Howard House, for six weeks.

Joanne Crawford, executive director of the John Howard Society, which runs Howard House, said the facility houses an average of about 18 federal parolees on any given day.

Police in Vernon have been criticized for not alerting the public to Mr. Fish's escape.

The picturesque Okanagan community is also in an uproar over the fact that Mr. Fish had been sent there on day parole.

Mr. Toews said there needs to be a full investigation into all aspects of the case. "Not only the parole board conduct, the police conduct, but also the criteria on which people are granted parole."

He added that the Criminal Code should establish minimum mandatory sentences for home invasions.

"The whole idea of breaking into people's houses is not simply a property offence. Residential break-ins can lead to exactly the kind of situation that happened in Vernon."

Regional parole board director Evelyn Blair said that it is almost certain a joint investigation by the board and Corrections Canada will be held.

"Whenever any serious harm comes to anyone in the community, we review all the circumstances."


At 7:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys think you know the whole story but you don't really Eric Norman Fish is my son by birth and I personaly think he should have never been let out his past goe's much deeper then you know why the police don't let you know the whole story is beyond me his real name was Eric Norman Lafontain was born in Windsor his partner was Eric Casspers he only served less then 10 years of 25 tell me where justice is there really is none I feel the same as Mr. Ambrekos family doe's he turned into an animal and not by my choice I tried to get coustody of him as a small boy and was told by the Windsor court get out or I was going to jail myself I remember this to the word even though its now 2008 his name by father should have been Eric Norman Nicholls I was going to give him my name but you may not belive me but Eric has 4 brothers and 4 sisters all 2 and three years apart if I raised him I must say he wouldn't be where he is today, Reason why he's like he is because children's aid put him on drugs most his life with them then sent out to the Fish Family so I found out and was sexualy mulested by his adopted mother many times over plus beaten many times,I'm not saying I was the best of a father to him but our so called justice system is bull S. If you really would like to know I personaly called the RCMP and asked he be put in for the rest of his life there's no room out here for a person like him thanks to our strong law and order some Police are really great and hard working people but wow these day's I would say half and half but you know I was told they like talking to family to get there views in regard lifer or let him out to kill again also as much as I hate to say this I'm from the old farm and still belive in capital punishment take a life give up your own or if there is war send them to the front lines and make use of there way then there's no guilt on us if they die there bury them there. I can say that a lot will hate to see this blog I wrote but we all belive in the right thing.I belive from other story's I have heard he killed more then just two but hear say you know what I mean and also the prisons today are a big farse when Eric can send me a letter ears ago asking for 15,000 dolars he was going to break out and head for south America that was a joke to me when any prisoner gets releast they should be totaly searched in AD after being let go that is only a sample of his life,want to know more sure ask I'm a very concerned person about the law they killed my brother when he was 24 and got clean away with it a kid hars that stuff what do you get sounds to me like revenge or something like that and by the way I never heard from the RCMP since I spoke with them in Kamloops over this so called kid of mine only person called was his mother 46 years later talk about scary thanks to hr thats where his life went to hell and me being pushed away,you want more the my email is and may God be with the Ambreko family from the bottom of my heart.

At 7:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can delete this comment i posted any time now I'm getting calls not really wanted from it

At 9:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha sucks to be you

At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have no room to talk you diddling peice of crap. you ruined alot of lives and now you live where you do and your only going to do the same. You desevre to be rapped just like you did to your daughters. how about the fact of you making me eat my own shit you sick fuck. we will see where justice is when the LAW get ahold of you GOOF!

At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

besides mr edward albert nicholls everone will soo see how u r trying for little school girls on face book u r a true purbread goof and always will be mr hope u rot in hell .

At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My greatest sympathies are out to the families of those whom my brother had hurt. our father who wrote the big comment has no room to talk about any for of justice. He got very little time for sexual involvment with my kid sister. How he can even be allowed to do anything is beyond me. To me ED....... your just as big of a scum bag as my brother. I wish we had the death penelty cause I would try my best to have seen you get it... You destroyed lives that weren't your to destory. May god punish you as he see's fit. I am glad I had a great family to show me how to grow up right.

At 1:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you all sound sicker then the real problem of lies you have to say ask any and each where is the proof of your comment i'm not afraid of what you have to say but i'm gona print this and take it to the right people they will take care of your comments trust me the email your sending to don't even exist for a long time oh ya Chris tell the truth about how you stood right there with your own eyes Richards mother diddling her own son in the shower with her own words as you for sure remember what you think i'm mulesting him my comment was sure looks like as well as yours you can all be charged because you don't know the end result but you all know i don't want any part of you your sister Debbie claimed the same but refused to go to court well wonder why wheres the proof ask her what her mother said when she asked to have a boyfriend at age 12 i said no her mother said yes after i left but each and every one of you better think denial is a very hard thing to live with and most of all who took who virinaty sure as hell wasn't me I see your good and close to another coward that has murdered more then once and also prostitutes that roam the streets tell me i taght you that hardly think so guess what Chris you came here for one reason for a hand out as well as a few others ask Richard why he tryed contacting me i'll tell you to see if any of you get anything after i pass plus drugs and alcohol well they don't mix glad its you guys that are on them not me your letters in the futcher will be blocked i live in the futcher not a shity past as you guys are and not with a record as long as your arms next time have the guts to whom is makeing comments like you do your only talking about yourselves and for you Eric your a peace of shit that only kills old men and women to bad the lady lived good thing you pleaded no contest i would say i find any more of this shit on the internet trust me you will all be charge I've already talked to my lawyer none of you are not my family and the family i do have don't like any of you either so best back off who ever you guys are

At 10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I might also Add for Eric Norman Fish ya that sicko those words about killing old people yes after 46 years before passing your mother her words to me was hes an animal she was right her other words he only kills people that are a lot weaker then him and needs a tire iron to do it even though there real old people well the rest of you also best find a new drug dealer why i personaly reported him, next stop CAS on how badly one of my so called grand children is really treated want to stir up a hornets nest its on right now boy i can't belive how many calls i've had about you guys 3 out of 9 over 20 years three mothers the new information given me wow i printed every bit of it and well the rest you will find out very shortly watch what you say now its all heading to the right place and being monitored i made sure of that and its all forwarded to the Crown Attornys office in the City of Windsor yes its all comeing from there acording to the police reports wow poor Theresa its a shame Tabitha had to have you guys use an inocent woman's life to make it worse then ever who ever owns this site is also being traced out and can be charged by allowing this to be a meeting place to try causeing problems world wide that person is really sick to allow it to go this far also if you must know i personaly have sold all my computer equipment now so how are you going to harrase me now send letters even better Supprem court loves that kind of evidence hope you have good proof oh ya the law says no double jeperdy if you know what that means but will tell you its my choice now and i'm moveing on it big time lets see how your bull shit goes on this oh ya i forgot one of you isn't even my kid but i can tell you who her father is but only in court where you all will be shocked you know the old saying he who laughs last laughs best ILMAO enjoy and Theresa GOD BLESS YOU GIRL these kind of people don't know right from wrong please forgive me for allowing this to happen to you in your beautifull after life hope metting with you when i get there doctor says not much longer will i be glad and for the rest of you i really hope God has room in his heart to forgive you for your actions and i mean all of you even the ones that don't really know me God Bless


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