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Friday, May 20, 2005

Invitation to a Hockey Game

I went to see my grief councilor this afternoon about Jim (strangely, The bereavement centre where I go for counciling is across the street from where Jim played hockey).

I won't share everything with you, but here are two take-aways:

- Life is fragile - whether it's a car accident, drug overdose, or some natural disaster, it could come at any moment... Cherish the moments.

- Jim's daughter told me he loved hockey; he would hate for his friends to give it up because of this tragedy.


To all of you who loved Jim Sapikowski, who wish the best for his family.... I invite you to join me on Friday, May 20th at the Sportsplex arena in Hillsborough for the 1st Jim Sapikowski Stick-and-Puck Challenge. Game-on at 3:45 pm. Those who don't play, come cheer for Jim.

John Allore


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