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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Mr. Nason of the Globe and Mail...

You think the indifference towards the Pickton victims is because they were prostitutes?

You better think that one again:

Dear Mr. Allore,

I am a journalist at the Gazette newspaper in Montreal. I have readChristine Carretta's testimonial on your web site and was wondering whetheryou might have a telephone contact for her. I am trying to reach her orother members of her family for comment regarding the recent revelation thather sister's killer, Jean-Paul Gerbet, has struck up a relationship with
fellow convicted killer Karla Homolka, who is soon to be released fromprison.I

can conduct the interview in either French or English. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide. Best regards,

Kazi Stastna
The Gazette
1010 Ste. Catherine St. W.
Suite 200
Montreal, Qc.,
H3B 5L1
Tel: (514) 987 2474
Cell: (514) 702 3878
Fax: (514) 987 2399


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