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Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Brief Update...

Look, I've been busy... I'm taking two courses, I've got three kids and a full time job, so bear with me:

- There's been a change in who we are investigating in Theresa's murder. I spoke previously about a guy who's incarcerated and a guy on the loose. Forget that. We've now got a new incarcerated guy that looks probable, but it's been 27 years; who knows who-done-it?

- Hockey season is upon us. hallelujah... The bad news? we only get games on OLN. Look forward to a Flyers love-fest.

- School takes time: not because it's difficult, but because - if I'm going to shell out all this cash - you better believe I'm going to squeeze every ounce of worth out of it.

- Canada really depresses me; I don't want to think on it right now.

- This is a crappy time of the year for me: we are approaching my sister's birthday, AND the anniversary of her murder. All of that leaves me not knowing quite how to interpret my feelings.

So it goes.


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