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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Next Arrests in Florida?

Blog readers Anon and Bill Widman suggested I post some more playing cards from Florida's Cold Case decks to see if they get solved next. (The first card that I randomly picked, Ingrid Lugo, resulted in a suspect being arrested.) As Anon and Bill say, it can't hurt to profile a couple more of the cards and see what happens. So here are my latest selections. I chose them because of their similarity to Theresa's case. Ladies and your bets!

Tiffany Sessions (Deck One)

Mary Jo Shelleby (Deck Two)

Maritime Missy


At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Most Wanted Down Under said...

The Ingrid Lugo case was solved when an inmate at the Cross City Correctional Institution in Florida, saw the cold case playing card featuring Lugo and contacted Crime Stoppers fingering Brain Curry as the strangler. Curry had served time at Cross City Correctional Institution for forgery charges, and bragged about murdering the young woman. Curry was an ex-boyfriend of Lugo and detectives considered him a suspect early in the investigation, but had no probable cause to make an arrest.

Additionally, a third edition of Cold Case Playing Cards have been released.


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