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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Let Me Take You Down

Not that 4 generations of puke-inducing vegetarian recipes aren't scintillating reportage (what I wouldn't do for a sandwich), but there are some justice items of note to report:

1. Good news: a 1979 cold case is solved in Longueuil, Quebec.

2. Bad news: the headline reads as follows: Longueuil police crack cold case . "A-hem"... police did nothing of the sort. If it were not for the tip of a concerned citizen Diane Verret's murder would still be as cold as a stone. It took police 29-years to get up off their asses and finally re-interview witnesses. Way to be thorough boys. Keep up the slack work.

3. Bad news: 33-years-ago today Sharron Prior disappeared from Point Saint Charles, and turned up dead in Longueuil. Still no justice. (though Longueuil police might want to take a hint from the story above).

Sharron Prior (I'm a sucker for these 70s school pics)

4. Bad news: 30-years ago this week Manon Dube was found dead in stream near Magog, Quebec. Still no justice, though Manon's sister, Chantel is still on the case (read here). Whether the police are managing to still pay attention is anyone's guess.

Chantel at the school site where Manon disappeared (looking as thrilled with this photo as I would)

5. Good news: Bill Wildman just taped a segment for Todd Matthews' Missing Pieces on the disappearance of Deborah Key. (thanks to "you know who" for doing the transcript).

6. Bad news: (are you sensing the pattern here?) Deborah has been missing for 10+ years.

7. Good News: Doreen Drummond started a blog!

Doreen is the mother of Kelly-Anne Drummond, a star athlete and scholar whose life was cut short in 2004. Doreen is "lucky" in that Kelly-Anne's offender was caught and is serving a sentence of 13 years...

13 years for what I will only say was a brutal murder. Doreen is "lucky" in that the processing of this offender is now over; Doreen's price? Eternal vigilance. She can look forward to showing up at parole hearings 13-years hence and arguing that this awful human being shouldn't be let out (if she can muster the zeal, I can tell you I wouldn't be up to it).

KellyAnne and Doreen - nice photo

I digress. Doreen's blog isn't about that. Check it out for a celebration of Kelly-Anne's life.


At 2:43 AM, Anonymous Maritime Missy said...

1. Yay! Another cold case is solved.
2. Yay! A witness came forward. (At least the Longueuil Police followed up on the tip...which is more than can be said for their SQ counterparts.)
3. I hope the 34th anniversary of Sharron's death doesn't arrive without a suspect in custody.
4. I still think Manon's murder will be solved--maybe in conjunction with Theresa's and Louise Camirand's. Keep the faith!
5. Well done Bill!
6. The fact that a vibrant young woman can be missing for a decade may even be worse for her family than knowing when/how she died.
7. Yay Doreen D! As guardian of Kelly-Anne's memory, you're doing a wonderful job keeping your daughter's spirit alive.

At 11:43 AM, Blogger Bill Widman said...

1. Whenever a cold case is solved, I feel a great surge of hope!
2. I rejoice whenever a witness comes forward, even if it is the police who want to take the credit.
3. My heart still grieves for the Prior family.
4. Can someone please show me a story about Manon Dube that is not in French?
5. Thank you Missy, and thanks to the great team we've got here for encouraging me! (especially Anon!)
6. You said it! Thank you!
7. We have this great new website to visit now, and I hope we all do so.

At 12:54 PM, Blogger Sharron Prior website said...

Sharron's cold case

33 years is tooo long. I agree with John...I agree with Missy..I agree with Bill...

I love the fact that the Longueuil Police names are in the news! what a story!.. But how many files are floating?...or buried along with the victims.

Bill! Debbie is smiling!

Chantal ..still unexplained death of your sister..I share with you your grief.

Doreen, I have never met you in person, but you give me such a satisfiying feeling.

Doreen Prior

At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your kind comments.I am sure that I will need some blog coaching!!

Doreen P: I am trying to orgainize an AFPAD - West Island breakfast sometime in May.It would be nice if you could join us.

Doreen D


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