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Monday, September 29, 2008

Ebay for a Cause!

The "Botcha Bike"

Very soon I will be starting the great Theresa Allore Ebay auction to benefit the Theresa Allore Memorial Fund. In cooperation with Ebay's charitable entity, Giving Works and the Triangle Community Foundation I will be auctioning off items belonging to Theresa with all proceeds going to the endowment in her name. Items listed on Ebay will give a brief description of the item, but more importantly, what the item meant to Theresa - so you get a little history lesson as well.

Cashmere Pierre Cardin sweater

Winning bidders get some really good vintage stuff from the 70s. If you're into it, you also get a piece of Theresa's history. Nobody gets hurt, and a future student gets a scholarship to subsidize their educational expenses (which seem to be skyrocketing more and more each day).

Thin White Duke

How can you help?

Well if your interested in an item please consider bidding. If your not? Bid anyway and drive up the price. With charity auctions this is perfectly legit, in fact Ebay encourages it. (If you accidentally win it and don't want it, call me and we'll work something out)

Le Grand Orange

Check back here soon for more details. If you just can't wait, you can simply contribute the old-fashioned way by donating directly to a good cause. Click her for information on direct donations.



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