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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Google Restores Who Killed Theresa? Blog

You know, it might have been the call I made to the publishers of Criminal Investigative Failures,  Taylor & Francis who emailed me today with this response after contacting Google:

"I just heard back from Google, they said there was an issue on their side and your blog is back online. I just checked and it is working. Let me know if I can be of further assistance."

I prefer to be left with the impression it was you. 110 signatures on a petition isn't much in a grand scheme, but it means a lot to me:

12:31 pm PDT, Sep 14, Joyce Preslar, North Carolina 
We support John Allore as: Friends of Debbie Key Friends of John Allore Resident of Chapel Hill, NC
# 109:
5:47 pm PDT, Sep 12, Mary Ann Arsenault, Canada 
# 108:
12:31 pm PDT, Sep 11, Doreen Sedlacek, Iowa 
Please give John his 6 years of hard work back so that he may continue looking for the person(s) responsible for his sisters murder.
# 107:
5:16 pm PDT, Sep 9, Carl Rosenstock, Wisconsin 
# 106:
6:39 am PDT, Sep 7, Robert Allore, Canada 
# 105:
4:34 pm PDT, Sep 5, Name not displayed, Canada 
Wow, to not even be given a chance to explain actions or comments. We are in a democracy and should be allowed to deal with the death of a loved one. Obviously we shouldn't be malicious or libelous. Let's get this issue dealt with. I have read the blog and have never noticed anything malicious about the posts.
# 104:
1:41 pm PDT, Sep 5, Wayne Leng, California 
# 103:
12:39 pm PDT, Sep 5, Rachel Sipp, Oregon 
# 102:
6:59 pm PDT, Sep 4, Shelley MacDonald, Canada 
Please allow this family to have access to this information they requested. They have worked for years trying to find closure.
# 101:
3:19 pm PDT, Sep 3, Lisa Guimond, Canada 
# 100:
11:41 am PDT, Sep 3, Name not displayed, Greece 
# 99:
9:06 pm PDT, Sep 2, Name not displayed, Canada 
If you won't restore the blog, at least send him the information in electronic form.
# 98:
8:47 pm PDT, Sep 2, Paige Stoecker, New York 
# 97:
8:36 pm PDT, Sep 2, David Desmarais, Canada 
# 96:
6:24 pm PDT, Sep 2, Robert Laplante, Canada 
Please restor the BLOG Who Killed Theresa? John is absolutely correct when he mentions that siz years of work has gone down the drain. It really would be a shame if all of his dedicated hard work is wasted.
# 95:
5:37 pm PDT, Sep 2, Colin Mitchell, Canada 
# 94:
4:46 pm PDT, Sep 2, Beth Hart, Canada 
please give John back his content so he can continue to work towards solving his sister's murder, Beth Hart
# 93:
3:39 pm PDT, Sep 2, Jean Mcbride, Canada 
# 92:
3:20 pm PDT, Sep 2, Kathleen Mallette, Canada 
# 91:
8:23 am PDT, Sep 2, Name not displayed, Massachusetts 
# 90:
6:30 pm PDT, Sep 1, Heidi Muller, Canada 
# 89:
6:14 pm PDT, Sep 1, Margaret Totten, Canada 
# 88:
3:31 pm PDT, Sep 1, Name not displayed, Illinois 
# 87:
3:20 pm PDT, Sep 1, K Cross, Maryland 
"If we own the murdered nothing because they can not demand it from us, then we are worthless and the past is meaningless"
# 86:
3:20 pm PDT, Sep 1, Brooks Stone, North Carolina 
# 85:
2:04 pm PDT, Sep 1, Name not displayed, Canada 
# 84:
9:20 am PDT, Sep 1, Cheryl McCarthy, Massachusetts 
# 83:
8:52 am PDT, Sep 1, Maia Discoe, California 
Please give Mr. Allore has content back.
# 82:
6:32 am PDT, Sep 1, Stephannie Roy, Canada 
# 81:
5:18 am PDT, Sep 1, Doreen Prior, Canada 
I have signed this petition...John needs Theresa's Blog back up. Not only has Theresa been snatched and killed but her blog has been too. Doreen prior
# 80:
5:16 am PDT, Sep 1, Grant Repar, Canada 
# 79:
5:05 am PDT, Sep 1, Julie Sprague, Massachusetts 
# 78:
4:51 am PDT, Sep 1, Ange Virtuelle, Canada 
# 77:
4:32 am PDT, Sep 1, Peter Gantous, Canada 
Please do the right thing.
# 76:
4:27 am PDT, Sep 1, Bill Riley, Canada 
Google, you need to show your public a human face if you want them to continue trusting you. Answering this man would be a start.
# 75:
3:15 am PDT, Sep 1, Anne Dawson, Canada 
Please restore Mr Allore's Blog or at least give him back the content he has worked so hard to put together.
# 74:
1:58 am PDT, Sep 1, Steve Klein, Virginia 
Please sign so I can get my content back, and thank you for your help. John Allore
# 73:
11:15 pm PDT, Aug 31, Name not displayed, Canada 
# 72:
9:07 pm PDT, Aug 31, Name not displayed, Oregon 
Please allow John Allore to address the reasons why you took down his site. At the very least, allow him access to the historical content on the sight prior to the problem so he can preserve the work he has done towards finding his sister's killer. Thank you
# 71:
8:34 pm PDT, Aug 31, Cassandra Campbell, Massachusetts 
Please restore the petition!! Theresa deserves justice and the family needs answers
# 70:
8:09 pm PDT, Aug 31, Jennifer Bannock, Connecticut 
Please restore this blog's content to its owner!
# 69:
6:35 pm PDT, Aug 31, Rachel Wender, North Carolina 
# 68:
5:51 pm PDT, Aug 31, J Evarts, North Carolina 
# 67:
5:44 pm PDT, Aug 31, Kevin Rougeau, Canada 
# 66:
5:39 pm PDT, Aug 31, David Henderson, North Carolina 
# 65:
5:38 pm PDT, Aug 31, Andre Allore, Canada 
# 64:
5:31 pm PDT, Aug 31, Jane Tolentino, California 
To Google/Blogger: Please restore Mr. Allore's blog. I am sure if one of your family members or perhaps a Google staff member was in the same situation (Heaven forbid), wouldn't you want to spread the word by using this service to gather any information that may solve the crime, especially the murder of a loved one? I have a very close dear friend who's son was murdered years ago, and it is still unsolved! Google/Blogger, you would be providing an invaluable tool to the victim's family and friends. Please, restore Mr. Allore's blog. Thank you.
# 63:
5:17 pm PDT, Aug 31, Marjean Fichtenberg, Canada 
Please restore John Allore's blog. To take it off is a disservice to crime victims and those who support victims of crime.
# 62:
12:23 pm PDT, Aug 31, Yvette Black, Arizona 
As a victim representative and advocate for murder victims and their families, I know the devastation of having so many years of work and information obliterated. Please, restore the site/ blog or at the very minimum allow Him to recoup the information that was on the blog... Dont let this be another victimization of this horrible crime unto this family. Thank you
# 61:
11:59 am PDT, Aug 31, Chris P, Canada 
Please bring this blog back,it holds to much important info to lose. Chris
# 60:
11:26 am PDT, Aug 31, Name not displayed, North Carolina 
Please help John Allore in his important work of investigating--and potentially solving--his sister's murder by reinstating his blog or returning to him the entire contents of his blog. Your assistance could be instrumental in solving Theresa Allore's murder or other similar crimes. Thank you.
# 59:
9:29 am PDT, Aug 31, Teresa Munn, Arizona 
# 58:
8:41 am PDT, Aug 31, Name not displayed, Arizona 
Please contact John so he can retrieve his content from his blog. He's trying to find out who killed his sister and to recreate all that was posted will be traumatizing. Please help him!
# 57:
7:25 am PDT, Aug 31, Name not displayed, Canada 
# 56:
6:46 am PDT, Aug 31, Name not displayed, Michigan 
# 55:
6:00 am PDT, Aug 31, S Rose, Florida 
# 54:
5:51 am PDT, Aug 31, Name not displayed, Canada 
# 53:
5:44 am PDT, Aug 31, Daniel Chu, Australia 
# 52:
5:41 am PDT, Aug 31, Blair Anderson, New Zealand 
I (and my blog are in the same cyberbucket in the googleverse. GOOGLE's response has been woeful. It has removed 6 years of research and 1000 postings. It appears that an external tool "" that I have used for important reference sites for at least 4 years (and policed/managed to avoid hacking attacks) has been used as the excuse to 'wipe' the entire blog. Google's reputation has been sullied and the cyber fraternity should be gravely concerned. I am surprised media havent been on top of and all over this one. Google have a duty of care to content providers without whom they would not have a business model.
Aug 31, 2009, MARIA PAPADOPOULOU, Greece
Help John Allore

# 49:
Aug 31, 2009, Maria Soto, Arizona
It is awful that Google would take down this mans blog and not give him back his information. Having a loved one murdered is traumatic enough without having to deal with insensitive organizations that would do something like this. I pray that this blog information is restored and that this crime will be solved soon. As a homicide survivor I sympathize with the pain this family has already suffered and they do not need additional pain.

# 48:
Aug 31, 2009, Sandra Reynolds, Missouri

# 47:
Aug 31, 2009, Marilyn Robinson, Canada
I am shocked that Google would do such a thing, you would think they would want to help get killers off the streets via their blogs... I do hope Google will at least return all your content to you...Sometimes it seems no matter what one does, things seem to work out in favor of the muderers and not the victims..that is sad.. :(

# 46:
Aug 31, 2009, Candy Arnold, California
This is very important,if you were in this persons place you would want a way to make contact with people who could help solve this crime,and perhaps others. Please restore the Blog. As a parent of a murdered child I feel that it is very important for victims to have a voice.

# 45:
Aug 31, 2009, Pam Boland, Georgia

# 44:
Aug 30, 2009, Phyllis Ebeling, Arizona
Having a loved one murdered is traumatic enough--the last thing needed in your life is to lose 6 years of hard work and content. Restore this man's content so he can move it elsewhere! I will discontinue using Google & ask my all my friends to do the same until this matter is corrected. Google---SHAME ON YOU!

# 43:
Aug 30, 2009, Jeanette steffi Gahid, Philippines

# 42:
Aug 30, 2009, Lorie Artery, Arizona
As a survivor, I know the importance of this blog. PLEASE RESTORE JOHN'S BLOG, SO HE CAN CONTINUE TO TRY TO GET JUSTICE FOR HIS SISTER!!!!

# 41:
Aug 30, 2009, Anonymous, North Carolina

# 40:
Aug 30, 2009, George R Joseph Jr, Mississippi
George R Joseph Jr.

# 39:
Aug 30, 2009, Kenneth Boots, New York

# 38:
Aug 30, 2009, Lisa Witt, Arizona

# 37:
Aug 30, 2009, Eric Swenson, Florida

# 36:
Aug 30, 2009, Sebastian Brousseau, Thailand
At least google should give you back the content...

# 35:
Aug 30, 2009, Beverly Joy Weber, Texas
I am an Independent Crime Victim Advocate, Started in July, 2000, Training also with Family Council at that time. Have my diploma in psychology/social work.

# 34:
Aug 30, 2009, Gail Leland, Arizona
Families of murder victims, espically in unsolved/cold cases, need ways to reach out to others for support & to seek justice for teir loved ones. Blogger / Google is an importamt service that helps so many victims do this. Please restore the blog, Who Killed Theresa?

# 33:
Aug 30, 2009, Karen Burke, Oregon

# 32:
Aug 30, 2009, Monika Penner, Canada
Recreating six years of work on the traumatic subject of his sister's murder is further traumatizing. Please return John's content to him at the very least.

# 31:
Aug 30, 2009, Anonymous, North Carolina
Doesn't Google have better things to "police" online? For Victim's Advocay everywhere... give it back!

# 30:
Aug 30, 2009, Elisabeth Kelly, Maryland

# 29:
Aug 30, 2009, Forrest Covington, North Carolina
Please let John get his posts back at least

# 28:
Aug 30, 2009, Julia Farwell-Clay, Massachusetts

# 27:
Aug 30, 2009, Bill Widman, North Carolina
If you're getting my signing twice, it's because I didn't see the first one show up. I see no reason why WKT? should be suspended. Anyone who has a problem with its content is one who just has problems. Solving cold cases is not easy. It is done only by cooperative effort.

# 26:
Aug 30, 2009, Cheryl Bullock, Canada
Please give John back his content!

# 25:
Aug 30, 2009, Nicole Mitchell-Jantz, New Mexico

# 24:
Aug 30, 2009, John Hall, Indiana

# 23:
Aug 30, 2009, Terry Roth, Canada

# 22:
Aug 30, 2009, Cherie Garratt, Ohio

# 21:
Aug 30, 2009, Ann Davidson, Canada
what happened to freedom of speech and expression? My first message seems to not be registered!! So here goes again. John Allore has a right to the content of that blog whether it ever goes on-line again.. At the very least the authorities should have access to it. No question that there were off colour and thoughts occasionally posted.. BUT the truth is that there were important exchanges with viable leads to solving a real (not cyber) murder case.

# 20:
Aug 30, 2009, Michael McKinlay, Canada
Michael McKinlay

# 19:
Aug 30, 2009, Stefan DiMauro, North Carolina
Sad times we live in. Please restore John's blog.

# 18:
Aug 30, 2009, Allyn Sharp, North Carolina
Please support crime victims across North America by restoring John Allore's blog.

# 17:
Aug 30, 2009, Nelson Nauss, North Carolina
Extremely disapointed in Google. Do the right thing for Victim advocacy by restoring John's blog.

# 16:
Aug 30, 2009, Pierre Boisvenu, Canada

# 15:
Aug 30, 2009, Pierre Boisvenu, Canada

# 14:
Aug 30, 2009, Chaz Gaily Berlusconi, South Africa

# 13:
Aug 30, 2009, Emily Ranii, North Carolina
Please restore the blog!!! Please!

# 12:
Aug 30, 2009, Kateryn Rochon, Canada
Please restore this blog. Victim advocacy is not inappropriate.

# 11:
Aug 30, 2009, Edward Hannon, Pennsylvania

# 10:
Aug 30, 2009, Shannon O'Neill, Georgia

# 9:
Aug 30, 2009, Anonymous, Canada
I want this site returned. There has been alot of effort put into it by John. Thank you

# 8:
Aug 30, 2009, Barbara Pratt, Canada

# 7:
Aug 30, 2009, Susan Leggett, Canada

# 6:
Aug 30, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom

# 5:
Aug 30, 2009, Hugh McCulloch, Texas
I use Google for my personal email and we use it for our corporate email. I am upset not at the fact that the blog was taken down, but that the blogger was not contacted and that Google makes it virtually impossible to be contacted for information!

# 4:
Aug 30, 2009, Jeroen London, Netherlands
Dear Google/ Blogger, please put John Allore's blog back online. Jeroen London

# 3:
Aug 30, 2009, Anonymous, Canada

# 2:
Aug 30, 2009, Stephen Aubuchon, North Carolina

# 1:
Aug 30, 2009, Paul Gantous, Canada


At 11:21 AM, Blogger Bill Widman said...

Thank God!
Waiting for that last blog to load up was like pouring frozen molasses from a bottle!

Okay, I changed the WKT? link so it comes here, and I hope I don't have to change it again, unless of course, John finds something that works even better.

I don't mind that FDK got more visitors who stopped by to get directions to WKT? I consider us sister websites anyway, and I'm proud to be associated with this one.

Special thanks to all who signed the petition, and to Anon who uncovered the lost Theresa archives.

At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill, I just want to say that it was not me that uncovered/located the lost archives. I had just copied and saved many of the posts and comments from 2007 and 2008 related mainly to Theresa's case, from the time that Maritime Missy was guest-hosting the blog, and sent those to John last week while the blog was down.


At 9:51 AM, Blogger Bill Widman said...

Alright, Anon;
Then you get credit for saving all that stuff.
I still appreciate it.
It gave me great pleasure to read those old posts again.


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