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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Irrelevant Crime

25 years ago today my sister's body was discovered by a muscrat trapper in a ditch-backflow off the Coaticook river near Compton, Quebec. This is the "official" press release that was so sensitively distributed by Champlain College - the school she was attending - following her discovery:

Theresa Allore Tragedy

The Champlain Regional College community is deeply saddened by the death of Theresa Allore. College officials will cooperate fully with police authorities in their investigation of this tragic event.

To enable our students to recover from this traumatic episode in their lives, the college respectfully requests members of the media to exercise discretion and good judgement in their overall conduct in reporting the incident.

The details of the crime are irrelevant. Theresa's loss will undoubtedly be mourned by those who knew and will remember her, and by those who are only witnesses to this tragedy.

Bill Matson
Campus Director
Champlain Regional College


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