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Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Glass Half Empty

In case you worried that I'd gone all warm-and-fuzzy after my love-fest in B.C.; some reasons to be afraid...

Be Very Afraid:

- Conference scuttle-butt... Toronto Peel Police may have severely compromised their investigation into the murder of Cecilia Zhang over turf wars. Police would not allow a forensic team from another jurisdiction to examine the remains, even though they didn't have anyone on their own staff to do the job, so the body was never properly recovered.

- The trial is not set to begin until the fall, and their are already fears that Robert Pickton - suspected of murdering over 60 women in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia - may walk. The reason? Once again, law enforcement turf wars and jurisdictional pissing matches that may have compromised the case.

- Justice Canada's Policy Centre for Victim Issues has entered their final year of funding. With an election in less than a month, there is the real possibility that the Centre may go defuncto sometime in early '05.

- British Columbia's Police Victim Services program - in my opinion the model and envy of the nation in victim service provision - is also under seige due to changes in the political wind.

- Ditto, Ontario's Office for Victims of Crime.

Ok, people... we've got some work to do. Bang the war-drums. Start writing your MLAs.


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