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Friday, May 20, 2005

James Sapikowski

It's friday, in about three hours I'll go play hockey. I will offer some thoughts I've been kicking around in my head...

I've been thinking about different guys styles of play:

I like the way TJ receives a pass.

I appreciate how Roger can stick-handle.

Chip and Sidney, NS can skate rings around us.

With Big Jim, it was always his physical game.

For some reason, Jim and I always played pick-up hockey on opposing sides. I always liked positioning myself in front of the net against Jim. I'm no shrimp (6'2"), but Jim was BIG (6'6"?). There's a thing about aggression and being physical on the ice. We don't allow hitting in stick-and-puck, but if you know I guy, a certain amount of physical interplay is tolerated, even encouraged. Jim and I knew each other well enough that we would permit jabs, cross-checks, jockeying-for-position in front of the net. Apart from Big-Rich, Jim was the only guy with whom I had that kind of interplay.

Hockey-talk. That's how I knew Jim...

And that's really all I know.


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