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Friday, May 06, 2005

Ok, down to business...

I've been instructed to take courses in Statistics and Microeconomics. It's not as nauseating as it sounds. Stats kind of fascinates me (I asked my supervisor if I could jump right into Probability Theory, but she nixed that) - Kim Rossmo recommended I venture along the path of Stats.

Anyway... There are these two summer courses... Principles of Microeconomics and Fundamentals of Economics (they sound like a joyride, don't they?)... but which to take? And their descriptions sound suspiciously similar... what the heck is the difference between a principle and a fundamental anyway?

And who should I take the course from?

Should I take it from this guy? He looks friendly, and the University of Chicago sounds good...

How 'bout this guy? He went to MIT? That could be a challenge?

Man... this guy looks like a grouch...

Hey! This guy's from Quebec and attended Universite de Montreal!

So many choices...


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