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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Things are moving...

When Sue begins to blog she will say what she can say, but things are definitely moving.

And 36 signature on the justice reform petition: not bad for three day's work. Keep signing! It's important!

Me and T

What I find funny is the people who have come forward claiming to be experts, or with credentials of crime expertise who are clueless. I have heard more logical, inspired theories from the likes of this blog motley crew: Sue, Missy, Queenie, Anon, Old Townshipper, Following-It-All, The Priors, dear Holly, ni; all of you are more perceptive than any of these dilettantes.

Seriously... there are things I would like to talk about, but I can't talk about. I can only say that for anyone who may have information about these crimes - watch out: we know some things and we're moving closer to you.

Now would be a good time to come forward, before it's too late.

John A


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