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Friday, December 07, 2007

Letter to a Friend:

Please push for media:

Here's what happened:

I had my meeting in Quebec City with the Ministere / Securite Publique. Everything goes well. I say, "the letter I wrote you 1 1/2 years ago calling for:

- Inquiry into the SQ
- Better SQ communications
- Cold Case Bureau?"

Don't worry about it. The gov did $30 million on Poitras, you guys have improved on communications, and there IS a cold case bureau (my guy in Montreal confirmed it)

So here's what I tell Robert Lafreniere, the sous-ministre (go-between b/w Public Security and the SQ) what I want:

1. A new Investigator for Theresa (Benoit's leaving, I need a new, aggressive guy).

2. Better yet, that cold case bureau? Move all three files into it (Allore, Camirand, Dube). Yes I understand the initial mandate was to only go back 25 years, broaden the mandate - if you don't do it now, you'll never do it.

3. There's this creepy family called the Poiliots - we think there's something up there: would you please have them investigated.

"Yes M. Allore, I understand, I will get back to you on all of this". He even READ BACK TO ME POINT-FOR-POINT the things I was asking for.

SO what do I get in the mail? (I'll forward it). A written response from this boob with the typical SQ "a case is never closed until it's solved":

I even specified for him in that meeting that I never wanted to hear that language again.


1. I can't get anyone in his office on the phone or email.

2. I can't get a response from the Ministere de Conseil's office (it was their office who introduced me to Lafreniere)

3. I can't find Benoit anymore, so I'm cut off from the SQ

I've worked the chain. I've got two places further to go, over Lafreniere's head to Dupuis' sous-ministre, Paul Girard, and then to Dupuis himself.

And I'm not asking for much! A little piece of mind to know things are being handled.I don't want an inquiry (they couldn't afford it, they're already doing a communications overhaul, and the cold case thing is in place!)

My meeting with Lafreniere went VERY well; very friendly, French-and-English, no threats (ever) just the facts.

So it's bizarre and extremely frustrating 6 weeks later to be faced with this.

So, yes! At this point any press at all. I will be in Montreal over the Xmas holiday. I will be fully prepared for ANYBODY to stick a camera in my face. I will also attempt to get a meeting with the Ministere de Conseil (maybe Pierre can join me), and another with the SQ (at the least, I want Theresa's wallet, earrings, ring and watch back).

Anything, ANYONE can do to help at this point would be appreciated.



At 8:19 AM, Blogger Sharron Prior website said...

Most of the time when I come to "Who KILLED Theresa"
I sit back..and read and re-read the comments, and posts. Truthfully...the answers are difficult to respond to..
But Theresa does not have a voice!..You are her voice! and I feel that you are doing everything in your power to NOT let her story just fade away!

Media! YES! get it out there! once again..Don't let them win John!

Doreen Prior

At 3:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I second that. Enough is enough.


At 10:16 PM, Blogger Bill Widman said...

Thank you, Doreen
There are friends who have tried to tell me to give up the Debbie Key website, claiming it's not good for my mental health. I needed to read what you said to John.
It's true! The answers are difficult to respond to, but only the voices of the living are heard.
(In most cases, anyway!)


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