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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Yer Mourning Newz

Surprise! I'm Alan Alda's Love Child!

BC man ‘betrayed' as mother denies JFK link

"Did I say JFK? I meant MLK."


I got a bigger one:

Winnipeg rink beats out Rideau Canal


Alcool? Mess? SQ?

L'ADQ appuie la non-consommation d'alcool dans les «mess» de la SQ

Again, in English:

Last call for cops: SQ shuts its bars after employee arrested in ...

"These are places officers can go to have a beer or a glass of wine after working hours," he said. Officers gather there for social occasions, he explained, and it is often the only way they can drink together unhindered."

Give 'em Enough Rope


Oh yawn, just give him the match:

Quebec Linguistic Powderkeg! Author promises to douse fire with gasoline and burn all his books if bill 101 is extinguished! An explosive development in the Quebec language wars!


Say what now?:

Quebec frogs join other amphibians in global population crisis


Not to be confused with "Retarded Calgary traffic":

Crazy Edmonton weather


At 10:11 PM, Blogger Bill Widman said...

Good Lord!
What is up with this VLB guy?
He wants to burn his own work in protest of Quebec wanting to catch up with the rest of Canada?

I sure am learning a lot about Canada from you folks, and I appreciate it. (I've just now learned that Winnipeg is the place to go for ice skating!) It seems it's the rest of the country that wants to progress.

I get the impression that Quebec feels it must preserve the French Canadian culture.
Am I right?


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