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Saturday, January 10, 2009

King's Hall, Compton

FYI:  The King's Hall, Compton website is back up, which must mean the management company is somewhat (again) aggressively interested in selling the place (the last asking price I saw was $1 million, but that was long before the current recession).

You will understand when I say that for me the photos are absolutely beautiful, and also haunting and creepy. I feel compelled to look at them, yet at the same time I feel a bit icky after I've done so.

(for those of you new here, my sister Theresa was murdered while in residence as a student at this place in the late 1970s. Her body was found adjacent to a field about a mile away).

The place is managed by Daniel James Desindes, a nice guy who I have met. I frankly don't quite understand how he has the emotional faculties to reside here. It's got The Shining all over it, but more power to Daniel for doing it.


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