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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Lab Tech did it

Lab Technician Raymond Clark III has been arrested in the murder of Yale Student Annie M Le.

Someone emailed me to say that this case reminded them of Theresa's case (the town-and-gown angle I guess). Then I remembered that it reminded me of something from Theresa's case too.

In the early days of our investigation, Patricia Pearson and I got it in our heads that a Lab Technician from Champlain College might have murdered Theresa. Even better: we believed that the Lab Tech could have been an alias-wielding Guy Croteau, the Quebec serial offender convicted in 2002 for the murder of Sophie Landry. Three "compelling" pieces of evidence convinced us of this:

1. Croteau was from Quebec.
2. Croteau's mug shot looked like a photo from 1978 of the Lab Tech (we'll call him Bruce).
3. We needed a suspect.

Several problems quickly arose that made the theory implausible, beginning with Croteau's mug shot. Take one look here and you can see that Croteau was a chameleon (he looked like everyone). The big spoiler came when I actually tracked down the phone number of Bruce. By this time Croteau was on trial for the Landry murder. If I phoned and "Bruce" picked up, then the gig was up. But if I phoned and was told that "Bruce" was indefinitely indisposed? Bingo!

I phone. I'm so hoping to be told Bruce doesn't live there anymore. Phone picks up:

"Hello this is Bruce."

This was about when Kim Rossmo gave me my first piece of advice about amateur gumshoeing:

Don't chase suspects.

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At 8:11 AM, Anonymous Doreen said...

awww..but it was a shot.. and..never say we say in our blog..everyone is a suspect until the murder is solved

chin up John

At 8:31 AM, Blogger Bill Widman said...

Hey! Leave no stone unturned, I always say.


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