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Monday, December 10, 2007

Blog of War

I told some of you that I opted out of writing a paper in my Organizational Behavior course on the Surete du Quebec. My shrink thought it might be a bad road to go down, so I set my mind on a paper examining sustainable farming...

Ya, that lasted about 3 weeks. I did a 180 and went back to the paper on the SQ.

35 pages labored in love. I got my mark back tonight: 98/100. I'd share it with you, but I'm working on it a bit more with my professor to get it published in a Canadian academic journal. Ok, I'll give you the title:

Organizational Behavior and Design: Reforms to the Surete du Quebec in the Aftermath of the Poitras Commission Public Inquiry.

Missy read it (thanks MM for proofing it for me). It ain't no hatchet job. Just the facts.



At 12:22 AM, Anonymous Maritime Missy said...

Yes...I am happy to say that I had the pleasure of reading John's paper and I want to go on record as having predicted with amazing accuracy that it would earn top marks. It's not that I'm's just that it was an excellent piece of writing.

John...I can't imagine you writing a paper on sustainable farming. It just doesn't seem like a subject that could retain your interest for any longer than a minute...let alone three weeks!!

At 8:16 PM, Anonymous bill w said...

Write what you know.

At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So John, I shouldn't save those organic farming books for you then?



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