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Friday, February 15, 2008

Yer Mourning Newz

RCMP hiding info in secret data banks: privacy watchdog

"In one case, a neighbour reported seeing a man outside a rooming house, which he believed was a centre for drug dealing. An RCMP investigation found that the man had in fact just dropped off his child at a nearby school, and was standing next to the house having a cigarette. Nonetheless, a file on the man was kept in one of the secret RCMP databases for seven years. "

Can we just abolish the RCMP and start over from scratch?


Man charged with homicide 33 years after woman's death



A North Carolina Central University administrator has been reassigned after a state audit revealed he had skimmed about $15,000 from federal research grants to pay his credit card bills.



Strike Is Over: CBS Announces Return Dates

And I could give a rats-ass... Gave up my television 10 months ago, suggest you do the same.


Flu Widespread Across N.C.

You know, I haven't gotten the flu this year? I think 10-years of kids have turned me into the Collosal man - I'm a living petri-dish of immunity.


Un autre départ au 400e Canoë

Yes the director of communications and marketing for Quebec's 400 anniversary celebrations, Denys Légaré has announced his departure, and the party has even started.

Can you say boondoggle?


Renee Zellweger sera la vedette de la comédie «One and Only»

"Who-the-f*## is Renee Zell-wedge-er?"


At 1:40 PM, Blogger Bill Widman said...

Well John, you did it again.
You went and uncovered a bunch of stuff that might go unnoticed by the casual news reader.

Except of course, the TV writer's strike being over, which I'm sorry to say, is of the greatest importance to far too many.

How about the NCCU administrator who embezzaled over $15,000, and somehow remains under their employ? I wonder how many see a problem here?

I say again, Keep 'em coming, John!


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