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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Big man, Pig man, ha ha charade you are...

I have today discovered a gem; Marc Denis' CKGM Super 70s Tribute Page.  If you were a kid growing up in Montreal's West Island you lived for FM radio and all the opportunities CKGM offered. I recently discovered a CKGM weekly ratings postcard of top hits and albums for November 1, 1971 in Theresa's things, here are some of Ron Legge's picks:

Teaser and the Firecat - Cat Stevens
Every Picture Tells a Story - Rod Stewart
Hot Pants - James Brown
200 Motels - Frank Zappa

This was Theresa's world. Check out Marc's description on 1977:

... a particularly memorable 12 months of concerts and record crowds in Montréal as 98 CKGM presents (or welcomes) the hottest acts of the day at the Forum: Queen (January 26), Peter Gabriel (March 23), the Eagles (March 29), Al Stewart (April 16), Peter Frampton (August 16), Rod Stewart (October 10) and Montréal's own Gino Vannelli (November 25). The post-summer games Big O is now also a newly-christened concert venue as CKGM presents Emerson, Lake and Palmer there in front of 78,800 fans on August 26. This mega ELP concert evening comes straight on the heels of the 80,000-patron Pink Floyd extravaganza at Olympic Stadium only a few weeks earlier (July 6).

I can tell you she attended at least 4, maybe 5 of these shows - Frampton, Stewart, ELP, Floyd and maybe Al Stewart.  Frampton I believe was at Man And His World, and Terry Roth drove Theresa and a bunch of her friends there. ELP and Pink Floyd were monster, legendary shows at the Olympic Stadium. 

In fact, I only just yesterday unpacked this poster I've been carrying in a tube for five years and framed it on my wall.  As fate would have it Terry contacted me yesterday and demanded that I blare Welcome To The Machine at full decibels, it was one of Theresa's favorites.

About the Pig: I especially like in Alfonso Cuarón's Children of Men how the cultural minister has rescued rare examples of prized art including Pink Floyd's pig. 

Here's a kicker. When The Wall was released in late 1979 Theresa was by then dead. The first person in our house to buy the latest Pink Floyd album was not me, but my father.  For a number of years he became a real fan (or maybe he was just carrying the flag for her), and he had 8-tracks of all of their stuff in his car.


At 12:09 AM, Blogger Bill Widman said...

You didn't mention Bob Dylan, who is also in there.
I would consider it an honor to have him play where I could be before he became famous.

Being an old Chapel Hill hippy, I tend to brag that I've heard Mike Cross sing before he made an album.

I also remember Andy Kim, and his song, "Rock Me Gently."

I'm thinking of including "Stairway to Heaven" in the Theresa video as a background. What do you think?

The 1970s was a great time for Rock 'n' Roll. Thanks for the groovy memories!

At 12:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big B: I LOVED ROCK ME GENTLY! And Theresa was a Dylan fan, especially Blood on the Tracks.

Stairway to Heaven would be OK given that: Theresa DESPERATELY wanted my parents to buy her Led Zep IV for Christmas, but they caught wind of the whole "satanic" thing and it was quashed (me/ I would choose Battle of Evermore... but that's just me)


At 11:08 AM, Blogger Bill Widman said...

Glad to get your feedback, John.
I'll check out some Led Zep and Dylan tunes and see what fits well with the story.

When 'Rock Me Gently' was first heard on the radio around here, some people thought the singer was Neil Diamond.

Long Live Rock!

At 9:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the part of this post about your Dad with his Pink Floyd 8-tracks.



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