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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm a "Teacher": What's your Moral DNA?

British Ethics Professor Says New Test Can Determine Your 'Moral DNA'
Times of London

A British professor has designed a test he claims can help gauge a person's "moral DNA," reports the Times of London.

Roger Steare, professor of Organizational Ethics at Cass Business School, says his test is based on five years of research and classifies ethical decision making into three basic moral philosophies: principle conscience, social conscience, and rules compliance.

Steare says that while there are clear lines of cleavage among moral philosophies based on age, gender, education, and politics, there is "also a common threat that unites almost all humanity."

The Times offers the test online, with results viewable afterwards. The Times will collect aggregate data and publish wide-scale results in the fall.

TAKE THE TEST and let me know your result (thanks to MM)


At 6:42 AM, Blogger preciousncayiyana said...

I'm a Guardian. Are there any people who are just born immoral?

At 1:39 PM, Blogger Bill Widman said...

Preciousncayiyana -- Yes, you would think so reading about the killers we've been talking about.
How do you get to be a Guardian?

At 7:04 PM, Blogger preciousncayiyana said...

Bill Widman...I've always been a guardian all my life. Now I'm glad that I could official call myself a Guardian. How you find out it's easy. All you do is take the Moral DNA Test, and you'll soon find out what you really are DNA doesn't lie. The link to the test is attached:

At 7:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're all born amoral. Ethics and morals are learned.


At 9:46 AM, Blogger preciousncayiyana said...

Anonymous...we are all born amoral. Yes true, but not all of us are able to learn and appreciate ethics and morals and that could be due to our genetic (DNA)make-up.

At 10:50 AM, Blogger Sharron Prior website said...

You are a Guardian
Guardians believe that doing
as we’re told and following the
letter of the law is best for all of
us. They’re like parents in that
they really do care about other
people, because you have to do
as you’re told for your own
sake. They protect us from
ourselves as well as others.
They will also consider moral principles, but believe that
life would be so much better for everyone if people just
did as they were told. Guardians are protectors, but
they can also be patronizing! About 17% of adults are

there was no doubt! lolol

Doreen prior

At 3:44 PM, Blogger Bill Widman said...

Thank you, Doreen, for pointing that out.

At 5:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I said ethics and morals are learned: however I never said everyone has the aptitude or inclination to learn them.


At 11:34 PM, Blogger Bill Widman said...

So is that why we have prisons?
You're the Teacher, so I'm asking you.

Very few theology teachers I have known would agree with you on that. Most say that if a person is evil, it is by choice.

And then, there are those who blame the devil.

At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Maritime Missy said...

I'm a "Philosopher".

Philosophers believe that moral principle, or “virtue” is the most important ethical perspective. They ask “what would be the honest or courageous thing to do?” Then
they’ll consider the consequences for others. Then finally and reluctantly they’ll consider rules, laws and regulations. Philosophers hate being told what to do or what’s right. They’re mavericks and rebels, but good to have around when really difficult decisions have to be made. About 15% of adults are Philosophers.

I'd have to agree with the diagnosis!

At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Maritime Missy said...

RE: Being born amoral

I'm not sure I agree everyone is born amoral. Does Carl Jung's theory of the "collective unconscious" (containing the whole spiritual heritage of mankind's evolution, born anew in the brain structure of every individual) come into play?

What about sociopaths? Are they born without conscience...or are they stripped of their conscience during childhood?

The fact that sociopathy is incurable suggests to me that they are born that way...which means humans can also be born with conscience and a moral code.

This is an interesting concept to explore....

At 10:05 PM, Blogger Bill Widman said...

Ah!, My dear MM --
I have long suspected there was something special about you. Now I know what it is. You're a Philosopher.

I always say great minds think alike!

Please tell me what you think of this.

At 2:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like Doreen Prior, I am a Guardian...I'm in good company.



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