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Monday, September 28, 2009

Cedrika Provencher parents issue plea for info

What does this tell me? $170,000 doesn't buy much, that's what it tells me. Someone probably tried to collect last week by giving some information (so, the search in the woods). That led nowhere. And now this. Very disappointing:

QUEBEC — The family of a Quebec girl who vanished more than two years ago issued a desperate plea for anyone with information on her fate to come forward before a deadline expires Wednesday.

Cedrika Provencher was nine years old when she disappeared in July 2007. Her family has offered $170,000 to anyone who would help locate her.

But the reward — and an agreement by the family's lawyer, Guy Bertrand, to provide confidentiality to anyone with information — expires at the end of the day Wednesday.

"This (strategy) didn't yield the results we expected and we don't have any other choice but to hope things will turn around in the last few days," said the girl's grandfather, Henri Provencher, from the family home in Trois-Rivieres, a town midway between Montreal and Quebec City.

"It's quite a package we're offering to people who are holding on to crucial information," he said.

Bertrand, a prominent Quebec lawyer, is looking to speak with witnesses, people who know the presumed kidnappers or even the alleged kidnappers themselves.

Police launched a massive search for Cedrika in the months after her disappearance, but there have been no leads on her whereabouts. Nor have there been any arrests in the case.

The family has searched for her relentlessly and took the unusual step in June of enlisting Betrand to act as special investigator in the case.

He has promised anyone who confides in him will not be handed over to authorities, citing client-lawyer confidentiality.

As the Sept. 30 deadline looms, the family fears it might be headed back to square one if no relevant information is unearthed. Provencher said the lawyer has received a high number of calls, but that only "a few" were of interest.

"We hope the pressure is mounting on those who have information," the grandfather said.

"They'll never have another opportunity like that," he stressed.

Provencher said the family is not giving up hope and will continue to look for Cedrika until they know what happened to her.

The family will meet with Bertrand this week to review the situation, but Provencher said they will probably not extend his mandate.

Bertrand declined to comment on the case when reached at his Quebec City office Monday.


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