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Saturday, September 19, 2009

A message from Terry R

Since you mention Theresa's friend Terry R, here is a message from the man himself:


you put things in a interesting light

first of all ...I think the Clouseau came from a bungling cop.yes Theresa did a GREAT impression ...and I don;t know if you know the story of "Minky's eyes"...and how she would ask her friends in her best Clouseau "do yoooooooou know who stooollllle  Minky's eyesssssss ???" 
and Clouseau was likable (maybe not by the chief)

Roch is a rogue cop.....akin to those deadbeats that are easily paid off in the streets of New York or Chicago

It is apparent that he was not a good detective at all in point the search party we find an old purse...probably dating to BEFORE Louise Camirand was found it was there when the body was there all the other stuff we found ...funny how WE as civilians find that stuff and he did not all the pictures I saw at Allo Police...none had him trudging around looking for clues..he was either too lazy or just did not want to go out into the snow

and how many discrepancies did we find between what he reported and what photos showed ..or other evidence?
Sharon Buzzee's email ...she was probably the LAST person to see Theresa alive any case she would be the #1 key witness ....and yet you see what she wrote...she was treated like crap ..and her testimony largely ignored

John...when Roch came to see me when Theresa was MISSING ...he already had the drug theory friend Jeremy was there in the apt and he remembers it very well ...before ANY evidence or any clues or anything...Roch already had her dead and buried with a drug story!  and when she was found ...well his excuse was that students were in exams...etc etc and basically just too damn lazy to care

but it doesn't matter ...I think he deliberately bungled all 3 cases ..because he had an idea who did it and just diverted attention away ...I am convinced of it

also keep in mind 2 things

here was a detective in a small town where girls are being slaughtered...people are afraid ..scared..  imagine what a local hero he would be if he caught the guy that has been attacking and killing girls!  small towns don't let things like that go lightly...he'd be the guest of honor at weddings, local events, written about in the press etc etc ...c'mon John this guy had an ego like a hot air balloon ...but yet he chose to NOT diligently investigate the case..for whatever reason

and not only small town the police force...that's what you become a detective be recognized among your peers...exhalted...patted on the back ...maybe even teaching WITHIN the force ...speaking circuit...nice promotions...retirement ,..etc

but he DID NOT retire with the force...and he was not with the force for many years...despite a cushy career with a civil service...he either chose to leave OR was booted out ...and now he's a lowly private eye (that's one step from a security guard) waiting in cars at night catching jilting husbands and workers comp cheats .....what a career!

you have to step back and look at the big picture ....many cases never find a body so there are no are THREE bodies...all left near the road for everyone to see ...none were buried or hidden or kidnapped for long periods of time ...the killer demonstrated his power by exhibiting his work ....cause he KNEW that his buddy Roch ...would never catch him

I still believe the key may be with him ... maybe today with the right coaxing or whatever..he may come clean ...I don't know

if anything ...even if the killer is long dead...I think he owes it to Theresa's family to tell the real truth

i leave you with that"


At 7:02 PM, Blogger Bill Widman said...

Could it be possible that RG had been threatened not to reveal anything about the murders? Could it be that he is just pretending to be a dumb-ass in order to protect himself, or his family?

It sure seems he had a lot to lose for not doing his job. I can't think of any other incentive.


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