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Friday, March 07, 2008

The Murder of Eve Carson - I'm not convinced this is random:

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Chapel Hill News / February 20th:

"Three automobiles were reported stolen last week: a Honda Pilot from the 100 block of Falkner Drive, a Jeep from the first block of Glade Street and a Ford Taurus from the 200 block of Elizabeth Street. "

Chapel Hill News / February 10th:
"Cars were reported broken into on the 100 block of Kenan Street and the 100 block of East Franklin Street. "

Chapel Hill News, February 6th:

"A vehicle theft and arson were reported Sunday. According to a police report, a 1998 Ford Expedition valued at $6,579 was reported stolen Sunday from the 200 block of South Elliott Road. It was later found burned. "


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