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Monday, July 30, 2007

Thanks for the thoughts (posted and emailed)

My father, mother me, Andre and Theresa at the Kon Tiki in Montreal circa Xmas 1977.
Theresa wears a scarf in the fashion she was accustomed.

Ya, I sort of know that's what needs to be done. I'm stepping away from this for now. No final words or thoughts, no lessons, just going away.

Well, perhaps this, since I've been catching up on old iTunes downloads:

The more you try to erase me
The more, the more
The more that I appear
Oh the more, the more
The more you try the eraser
The more, the more
The more that you appear

Contact me if you learn something... better yet, go ahead and learn something - fix something - there's no need to contact me. I'll be in the garden working on my plants.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Someone help me with this shit before I lose my mind

I spend a good day with the kids. We have pancakes, and swim in the pool, and spend the better half of the weekend taking apart the hard drive of my broken computer.

They go home. I resolve that I'm changing. A year apart has made me different, but I'm still not out of the woods yet. I ponder theses words from The Eels:

This is the day that I give myself up cold
The dust of ages settles on your days
And so you shake your coat off
And get on your way
Bloodshot and trembling, a new day has begun

And this:

Everyone loves you
But nobody cares
An awful collection
Of enemies and friends
Congratulations to you
And sad regrets
I'm tired of the old shit
Let the new shit begin

I'm getting flabby. I go on a bike ride. I resolve to run more, bike more, swim more, and start playing hockey again.

I watch The Departed (as I've just posted). I can relate to the whole Irish grudge thing. The movie ends. I decide to have a glass of wine and have a quick swim in the complex pool ( da' hell if it's after hours). Apart from me, the only other swimmers are a romantic couple. Da' hell with it, I dive in. I swim closer. They are speaking French. I say (in my Quebec patois)

You're French?

Yes, It's uncommon to find someone else speaking french in Carrboro, NC. Where are you from?

I was born in Montreal, and you?

We're from Sherbrooke?

Really? I know Lennoxille and L'Estrie very well! ( I resist the urge to go further). Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you....

We swim away. Now can someone tell me what-the-fuck is going on here?


A few more one line reviews:

Team America: Matt Damon...

Laurel Canyon: Nice flash from Frances McDormand

The Departed: Ok, Scorsese's been known for being a film/musical genius. But never more so when he included Baby Blue - my favorite Badfinger song - in this Irish epic. It was also a treat to see Ray Winstone from Sexy Beast in the role of Mr. French. Rent it.

The Queen: Damn this movie is good.


Why I love iTunes

Recently lost everything on my computer, included years of iTunes downloads. iTunes replaced them all: $500 worth of music, with not so much as a question.


The most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed. It was the experience of mystery — even if mixed with fear — that engendered religion. A knowledge of the existence of something we cannot penetrate, our perceptions of the profoundest reason and the most radiant beauty, which only in their most primitive forms are accessible to our minds: it is this knowledge and this emotion that constitute true religiosity. In this sense, and only this sense, I am a deeply religious man.

Albert Einstein


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Coming Clean

So here it is. My wife and I have been separated twice in the past year, and this time I feel it is permanent. I live in an apartment up the street from my (former) house. I get the children on weekends. I stay in contact with my wife - We must, we have responsibilities - but we are no longer together.

I share this with you for the simple reason that I believe you should know the toll that this effort takes on victims, and their families. Anyone going forward who should encounter such struggles should know what they're up against. Here are my wife's words about the entire affair, which I would urge anyone to heed who wishes to take on the forces of an organized establishment:

This is insane. This case is Dickensian in its destructive power. Like "Jarndyce and Jarndyce" in Bleak House, this case has torn apart everyone it has touched. The possibility of justice (whatever that means) was lost long ago, and what's left has become Obsession as Entertainment. We'll never know "Who Killed Theresa", but I know this - her influence has persisted to this very day, and she's been allowed to continue to wreak havoc and sap the life from more than one generation of victims.

I've kept mostly quiet throughout this whole investigation, to the detriment of my marriage and thus my children's lives. The murder of Theresa is a tragedy, no one can deny that. But the investigation has become a cancer that has claimed many more victims in one way or another. I never knew Theresa, but I feel sure no one would want this to be their legacy.

EVERYONE should walk away and let her rest in peace.


Et Voici une Poste Ouvert - Parlez comme tu veux


SOUND and vision

Me and my ego neglected to mention what we're listening to:

Black Crowes: Everything: because they are the most deserving band of the last 20 years

The Red House Painters: Song for a Blue Guitar is everlasting

Fountains of Wayne: Traffic and Weather, because Eric likes it


Gone Dog Crazy: My brother's CD... he is so very talented... someone sign him!

Diamond Dogs: Theresa's favorite Bowie. So good.

Life Aquatic Studio Sessions: by Sue Jorge... Bowie as you've never imagined it.

White Stripes: Iky Thump.... lose Conquest and it's a perfect album. Conquest is like the Andy Summers song you never wanted on your Police albums.

(and that's more than one line)


My Darlings (yes I know which one looks like me)

Theresa-Grace has her back to you - that's personal, that's only for me.


Me and my inflated ego would like to tell you...

That I finally have my computer back after a month in the shop. Actually it was nice. No TV. No computer. Only books and movies.

You'd be amazed what happens when you don't have the media whispering in your ear - an institution that sells fear, then lulls you into consumption - evil. I have a much more positive outlook, and I don't feel the need to buy something.

So, books and movies. Ya, I read Walter Isaacson's biography of Albert Einstein (library copy) -I have little to say but, brilliant. Things I didn't know about Einstein:

- He never achieved a unified theory of all forces, though I swear in school that's what they teach you.

- He was not a school drop out: he chafed at the bite of inferior teachers, but did quite well.

- He went to college, but rebelled at ignorance (he was never thrown out).

- He was pretty randy with the ladies.

Anyway, I'm now sinking into the last Harry Potter (that I consumed at Target).

Movies... I've seen a lot lately (from the library or weekends with my daughters at the cinema). You know my thoughts on Solaris. Here are my one line reviews of some others:

Little Miss Sunshine: Alan Arkin has a wonderfully foul mouth

The Squid and the Whale: That one hurt, but I really enjoyed it.

Why We Fight: A good documentary about war.

The Fog of War: A better documentary about war: McNamara... can't take your eyes off him

Children of Men: I wish they made more Sci-Fi movies like this. Gritty and unnerving

The Constant Gardener: GOD I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou: So fuckin' funny... Buckaroo Bonzai with Bill Murray

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: It's Sonic the Hedgehog for adults.

Les Invasions Barbares: M Moore needs to see this before he paints Can's health care with rose colored glasses (whoops that's more than one line). Watched it 6 times, never a bore.

Bon Cop Bad Cop: Can't get through it. I've a problem laughing at the SQ "breaking the rules"

Year and A Day: My friend, Bob's movie. All heart, I love it.

Christmas in July: You can NEVER go wrong with Preston Sturges

Kiki's Delivery Service: And you can NEVER go wrong with Miyazaki

Ratatouille: That's no cartoon, that's a good adult movie

Harry Potter V: It's going to be sad to say goodbye to these characters

Fantastic Four II: Torch On! I like the guy who plays the Human Torch

Who Killed The Electric Car: Yawn. There's a better movie on this subject

National Treasure: VERY commercial, and I absolutely love it

Good Night and Good Luck: George! Where's the third act?

The 25 Hour: Spike! Get him to prison already!!!

House of Sand and Fog: Tits Finnagan... errr Jennifer Connelly struggles valiantly in a bore of a film. Kingsley's brilliant as always. They should give this man's spine an award. Watch his gate from Ghandi to Itzhak Stern to Sexy Beast meany, Don Logan... the guy's incredible.

And that's definitely over one line.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Grrrrrrrrr... you guys are workin' my nilly-nerve (smiley face)

Ok... look at "pont de la station" at the top of the map. See the bring to the left just above "Compton Station"? This is where Sue thought Theresa was found - she was wrong, and I told her so when I took her to this place last June.

Theresa was found at the second bridge to the right of the first bridge (just above the "s" in "station". It is a bog. There was NO RIVER, NO FLOW, NO DRIFT, NO WAY THAT HER BODY WAS CARRIED UP OR DOWN STREAM.

Other notes:

- recall that these were gravel in 1978

- Other murders: nothing until 1987 that wasn't solved or domestic violence. Then after that of course you get the Bolduc case in the 90s.

The rest was good though!

Carry on...


This from the conclusion of Solaris which I watched last night:

I have returned. Finally.

I work in the city now. After work I wander and
lose myself.
I am silent and attentive.
I follow the current. I make a conscious
effort to smile,
nod, stand,
and perform the millions of gestures
that constitute life on Earth.

I will study these gestures until they become
reflexes again.
I will find new interests
and occupations, but --

I will not... give myself.
I will not give myself
to anything or anyone,
because I am haunted
by the idea that I remembered her wrong.

That I shaded my memory of her to suit myself.
That I was unfair to
her and caused her
What if I was wrong about everything?

I’ve come to believe that memory is a curse.

I know what you're gonna say, Solaris is a bore.
Ya well if you think
it's slow try sitting through
Tarkovsky's original, it's damn near impenetrable
- and still brilliant.

You should know this movie: If you were
stranded somewhere
with the ghost of a loved one,
could you give it up and come back to earth?

Apart from all this it's a great little
performanceby co-star,
Jeremy Davies.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Poste Ouvert - Dites comme tu veux


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Poste Ouvert - parler comme vous faites...


Friday, July 06, 2007

For The Record

I don't recall having said any of this. If I did, it sounds like mush - my comments in red:

Remembering Theresa Allore; 29 years

Nancy Nourse, Special to The Record

BODY:It will be 29 years in November that 19-year-old Theresa Allore went missing from her Champlain College dormitory in the Sherbrooke borough of Lennoxville.It seemed to her family and friends that she had disappeared into thin air. Her body was found the following April.

The death was classified as a run-away, drug overdose, or suicide. In the opinion of Theresa's family, the case was never given the attention that it should have been. The family began their own investigation and "Truth for Theresa" was born. ("Truth for Theresa"? Who Killed Theresa? maybe)

"There have been many people who have tried to help by volunteering their time and expertise to this project," said John Allore. "We do feel that the justice force, nor the [school] administration, were not big in their efforts to solve this case but the outpouring of help and support from people in general has been wonderful. We are, however, grateful for the information that the SQ [Surete du Quebec] has found. Although we do understand the principal behind the rules that the SQ must abide by, we have been very frustrated by the fact that the official investigators have not been very forthcoming with much information that they have found so far." (they've been forthcoming - they just aren't investigating)

"I truly believe that there are people out there who know more about the case than the family has been made aware of," said John.

A recent university criminology department graduate is no longer formally involved in the Allore family investigation, but did meet with former police officers, bus drivers, school officials, family members and friends to try to discover new leads. (she can investigate, she just can't say she's representing mine or Theresa's interests)

In 2002, John, Theresa's younger brother, took it upon himself to begin investigating the circumstances around his sister's death. His persistence eventually led to the case being considered a murder.While it would have been easier to give up, he feels strongly that there are answers out there somewhere and is determined to find them.

Some of the leads that have been discovered have also led to the belief that Theresa's death was not an isolated one but one of a series of at least three committed by the same person -- but no one has been able to prove this theory to the satisfaction of law enforcement representatives.

There is a movement to see a cold case unit established in the Lennoxville/Sherbrooke area, something that the Allore family would be pleased to see established."I am not really as discouraged as I once was. I feel that the truth will come out and this will give my family... and Theresa some final sense of peace in the matter." (Huh? Don't think I said that... don't think I'd EVER say that.)

"But we all have to go on with our lives, no matter what happens from day to day and that is what we are all trying to do. This is not to say that we will ever give up until we do find out what really happened that November in 1978," added John. (don't think I added that)

He is working on a graduate degree in justice administration. Asked if this was a direct result of his sister's death, he admitted that it was.H

e's not interested in the "technical reasons" why things like murder happen (as ascertained by forensics scientists on the television show CSI) but rather the way the justice system works -- on how law enforcement do or cannot do their jobs.

Through this understanding, John hopes to contribute to making changes that will lead to faster and more efficient investigations into tragic events -- as well as work out a way to let the family know what's going on at a level that will appease their grief, while not impeding the investigation itself. (don't think that's part of my interest at all - leave that to AFPAD)

It was not until after Theresa's death that he learned from one of her good friends that she had been taking courses in criminology at Champlain College. They had had similar interests and he was not even aware of it (he was only 13 when Theresa died).

John Allore remains frustrated by the fact that he has written many e-mails and letters to Canadian officials requesting information or help, and rarely received a response. (A response on the Quebec cold-case bureau would be nice )

On the other hand, contacts that he has tried to make on the United States side of the border have led to almost instant responses -- helpful or otherwise, they were nonetheless responses.He can't understand why people can be so complacent in regard to those who have elected them. (See my letters from Jesse Helms, Al Gore and John Edwards!)

Allore and his family are glad, however, to see a new website offering support for families who are trying to survive the murder of a loved one, at It is sponsored by the Association des Familles de Personnes Assassinees ou Disaparues de Quebec. For more info on this group, call 1-877-484-0404. (trying to remember if I put in a plug for AFPAD... they hardly need my promotion)



Monday, July 02, 2007

What Do I Think?

I'm sprinting to the finish to complete my Graduate degree in Justice Administration. In the Spring I took a PhD course in Criminology that almost killed me. In June I took a course in Inter-governmental relations in which I got an A+.

Currently I'm taking a course in Geographic Information Systems that - coupled with the courses I've taken in statistics - MAKE ME LETHAL!

There's nothing geographic profiling can throw at me that I can't conceptualize.

What Do I Think?

What, because I'm not in the region, I can't engage in thought experiments that tell me exactly what I want to know, and who I wish to engage... talk to?

Read this week's Record and you'll know more.

The point here is to solve a crime. The point is what little your government has done to advance this cause:

Four years: no response from your Federal government on the rules for retaining evidence.

One year: no response from Charest and his Justice / Minister of Public Security on a public inquiry, formation of a cold case bureau...

Do you like living this way? With a government that won't even dignify you with a "yes" or a "no"?

I can abide it. It's not my government (for the record, I am a dual citizen). But can you citizens of Quebec / Canada tolerate this?

Utter nonsense, that a public official - any public official - could be allowed to be so unresponsive. If I lived there I would make it my MISSION to vote them out of office ASAP, with the understanding of the incoming party that it would be their MANDATE to correspond with their constituents. Why do you not fight these men? Who are these men?


1. I think my parents have suffered enough

2. I think family/ friends / volunteers have carried the burden of Theresa's injustice, it is time for the government to pick up her cause.

3. I think good has come of this matter. My parents and I still speak. I can joke with my brother. At times, I can even spend a spiritual moment with my sister.

4. I think people need to stop identifying with Theresa as if they new her, and start realizing that her misfortune could next turn on them. You do not want to be on the wrong side of the government in such affairs. You cannot win.

5. I thank god I don't live in Quebec which would surely drive me mad.

6. I think people ought to stop reading this blog - this is not a voyeurs game - and start taking some action against their government. And in that spirit I will write yet another letter to the Quebec gov. tomorrow telling them - yet again - that I am fed-up.

7. I curse the day I read James Ellroy's My Dark Places which sent me down this road.

8. I am grateful for the day when I realized that Theresa didn't die of a drug overdose, but was murdered.

9. I am grateful that my mother will still talk to me about what has happened in the past.

10. I think it is good and right that my father would rather place these matters in the past and get on with life.

There, I said it.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

The Honourable Robert Douglas Nicholson
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
284 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H8

July 1, 2007

Justice Minister Nicholson:

This is my fourth consecutive Canada Day letter to Ministers of Justice inquiring about the rules governing evidence retention in Canada. This letter was proceeded by similar letters to former Justice Ministers' Toews, Cotler and McClellan ( you can find links to those letters here: ).

Minister McClellan was the last minister to graciously reply to my inquiry, informing me that the RCMP was the proper agency to respond to my request, and assuring me that she had forwarded my request to the RCMP; a response would be imminent.

That was over four years ago and I am still waiting for the RCMP's "imminent reply" despite continuing efforts on my part to have the issue resolved. I have waited over four years now for an answer to my question: what are the policies, rules, procedures governing evidence retention in Canada? Why are there not uniform policies that address this very serious matter?Please don't keep me waiting another year. Let us hope, for the sake of citizens of Canada, that you give clarification to this very important matter.

I might add that I am quite baffled and unaccustomed to public officials failing to respond to information requests from their constituents. Where I live, North Carolina, when an inquiry is made to an agency, it is immediately given a response. My experience with such communication has been uniform whether my inquiry was to a junior public official, all the way up to Senior Senators (Senator Edwards was gracious enough to personally help me with my immigration case even though he was in the middle of a presidential campaign). This experience has been consistent whether I email, telephone, write a letter or make an in-person contact with an American government official; I never fail to get a response. Why aren't Canadian government agencies equally diligent to respond to the people they represent?

I simply do not understand the failure to respond of Canadian representatives when their constituents ask for answers to very serious questions.

Sincerely, and with great respect for your time and dedication to justice,

John Allore
brother of Theresa Allore,
murdered in Quebec in 1978

Cc: Steve Sullivan, Canadian Victims Ombudsman